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CSM Transfer Students

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We're so glad you're here. CSM Advising is passionate about supporting transfer students as they transition to and through Cal Poly.

To help ease that transition, we’ve put together some information specific to our college – check it out below. Additionally, we encourage you to explore the general academic advising information for all Cal Poly transfer students and to connect with the Transfer Center for campus wide transfer resources, events, and support.

Future Transfer Students

If you're a future Cal Poly transfer student, please visit Cal Poly Admissions.


Newly Admitted Transfer Students


  1. Do these important things between receiving your offer of admission and beginning your first day of classes in Fall.
  2. Don't worry about transfer credits just yet. The processing will take some time, but you'll be notified when your credits have been evaluated. Learn more about transfer credit from the Office of the Registrar.
  3. Explore these helpful transfer-specific resources for recently accepted transfer students. Read advice from Cal Poly transfer students, as well as staff and faculty that were transfer students themselves!


Register for and attend both SLO Days and Week of Welcome (WOW). During each of these orientation events, you'll get a chance to meet your CSM Advising team and your department. We'll get you acquainted with Cal Poly and make sure you have all the important information about fall registration.


First Quarter at Cal Poly

Here are some important things to do during your first fall quarter at Cal Poly.

Registration (Plan for Winter)

From now on, you'll register as a continuing student. The overall process remains the same, but the details will be different from when you registered for fall quarter.

Each quarter you will be given a date/time for registration, which is listed on the right side of the Student Center. This date and time is based on your actual academic progress level (how many degree applicable units you have completed), which is found on your academic progress gauge in PolyProfile. It will be updated during week 4 of each quarter.

If you have questions about what to plan or how to use the tools, contact us.

Focusing on Academics


All new transfer students in CSM will be added to a Canvas site (similar to Moodle or Blackboard) in August. In the Canvas you'll find info about our college and your department, as well as discussion boards that you can use to arrange carpools or study groups, learn of upcoming events, and find great tips for settling in at Cal Poly.

Study Strategies

Dr. Elena Keeling in Biological Sciences hosts a Fall Study Strategies Workshop specifically for all new transfer students in our college. The event announcement will be sent out via the Canvas.

To find other academic support resources, including tutoring, check out the Academic Skills Center.

Get Connected

COSAM Connections

College of Science and Mathematics Peer Mentoring Program

The College of Science and Mathematics offers a peer mentoring program called COSAM Connections for students. Students are paired with someone invested in their success — a person ready to listen, inspire, help navigate challenges and recognize opportunities. Students will learn what to expect in school, how to approach challenges, gain career advice and valuable insights, while mentors will build their networks and develop skills to become better professionals and leaders.

Want to learn more? Reach out to  Anya Bergman, our CSM campus contact, or email Mentor Collective directly.

Faculty and Staff

People to Introduce yourself to

  1. Obviously, we're biased, but we think it's important to get to know us!
  2. We highly recommend connecting with your faculty advisor right away.
  3. Your major department's administrative staff is a great resource.
  4. Schedule an appointment with our career counselor, Lily.
  5. Chat with our college librarian, Jeanine.

Transfer Center Events & Programs

Connecting with the transfer community

The Transfer Center is a great resource and physical space to connect with current transfer students, find community, study, and more.

Email for any questions you may have or for support in connecting to resources across campus.


Second Quarter and Beyond

Here are some wise things to do once you're starting to feel settled at Cal Poly.

Get Involved


Continuing transfer students will be invited via email to become mentors via Mentor Collective.

As a mentor, you'd be matched with 1-3 incoming transfer students to share your experiences and help your fellow students get connected to Cal Poly and the College of Science and Mathematics. We highly encourage you to become a mentor!

For questions or a link to sign up, please contact Tiffany Kwapnoski.

Graduate School and Career Planning

  • If you are a pre-health student, please visit us in the CSM Advising Center. We would love to discuss your health career plans and support your journey to becoming a competitive applicant.
  • If you're not considering a career in the health professions, your best resource for graduate school planning will be your faculty mentor. They've been through it, they love to talk about it, and they have connections!
  • In addition to your mentor, CSU-LSAMP is a fantastic resource for graduate school preparation. All CSM majors except Liberal Studies are eligible.
  • For additional career support, don't forget about Career Services!

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