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College of Science and Mathematics Majors

Use the links in the menu to the right to find information that pertains to the majors offered within the College of Science and Mathematics. Included in these pages you will find:

If you have any questions regarding what catalog you are eligible to follow, please come to our drop-in hours.

Curriculum Sheets

A curriculum sheet is a catalog year specific document that lists the major, support, general education and elective courses required to earn your degree in that major. It is important to realize that the courses listed in each column are listed chronologically by course number and are not necessarily the order in which they should be taken. You must use the Cal Poly catalog or PASS to determine course prerequisites, as well as department course offering sheets to plan a quarterly class schedule.


Flowcharts are often based on the concentration or advisor approved elective options available for that major. They should give you an idea of the combination of courses to take on either a quarterly or yearly basis.  It is only one example of how courses can be taken together. Please work with your advisor to determine a quarterly class schedule that works best for you and your needs.

Contact the Advising Center in Building 53, Room 211 if you have questions about the information presented in these documents.

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