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Bailey College of Science and Mathematics Majors

Use the links in the menu to the right to find information that pertains to the majors offered within the Bailey College of Science and Mathematics. Included in these pages you will find:

If you have any questions regarding what catalog you are eligible to follow, please come to our drop-in hours.

Curriculum Sheets

A curriculum sheet is a catalog year specific document that lists the major, support, general education and elective courses required to earn your degree in that major. It is important to realize that the courses listed in each column are listed chronologically by course number and are not necessarily the order in which they should be taken. You must use the Cal Poly catalog or PASS to determine course prerequisites, as well as department course offering sheets to plan a quarterly class schedule.


Flowcharts are often based on the concentration or advisor approved elective options available for that major. They should give you an idea of the combination of courses to take on either a quarterly or yearly basis.  It is only one example of how courses can be taken together. Please work with your advisor to determine a quarterly class schedule that works best for you and your needs.

Bailey College Minimum Progress Policy

On a quarterly basis, the Bailey College Student Services Director reviews the minimum degree progress report for all Bailey College majors after the census date has passed (i.e. end of the third week of instruction). If a student is deviating from their major courses (i.e. taking coursework outside of their major or not following the flowchart for their current major), they will receive an email that denotes they are in one of the following statuses with the actions they must take to prevent a registration hold from being placed on their account.

First-Time Deviation From Major

Student receives an email from Bailey College Student Services that states they are not meeting expected academic progress in their declared major courses. There are many reasons why this may be the case, so the student is encouraged to check-in and meet with an advisor in our office. We will work with the student to help get them back on track with their declared major, to review the process for changing their major, or adding a minor.

Recommendation: Student is encouraged to submit a Change of Majory Inquiry to a prospective major or meet with a career counselor if they are still undecided. After meeting with an academic advisor the student will understand whether they should enroll in only degree-applicable courses for the upcoming term or continue to take courses toward their prospective major.

Second-Time Deviation From Major

Student receives an email that states they have not been meeting expected academic progress in their declared major courses for two or more quarters and are NOT in an active Individualized Change of Major Agreement (ICMA) to a prospective major. As a result, a registration hold has been placed on their account.

Requirement: Student must meet with an advisor in Bailey College Student Services before they can register for the upcoming quarter. The goal of this required meeting is to formulate a plan to get the student back on track toward completing their degree, or to determine if they are eligible for alternative degree programs. After the student meets with an advisor, the advisor may choose to move the registration hold out a quarter so that the student may register for the current quarter. The hold will be released when the student is in an active ICMA. Once the ICMA is on record in their portal, the student should email, include Registration Hold in the subject line, and note in the body of the message that their ICMA is now on file.

Third-Time Deviation From Your Major

Student receives an email that they have deviated from their major courses, without an ICMA in progress, for three or more quarters. A registration hold is placed, and the student is placed on Administrative Probation (ADMP) status. ADMP students may be subject to dismissal from the University if they continue to deviate a fourth quarter and have not met with the Bailey College Student Services Director or Associate Dean to establish a plan forward.

Requirement: Student must schedule one or more meetings with the Director Kristi Weddige or Associate Dean Dr. Camille O'Bryant to evaluate the best path forward, and create a minimum progress contract before registering for the next quarter.

Double Majors

Cal Poly students interested in adding a second major in the Bailey College of Science and Mathematics must be able to complete the majors concurrently. Refer to information on “Double Majors and Degrees” in the Cal Poly Catalog. Students must also meet all the same criteria listed for changing majors (see Bailey College Change of Major Information). Students interested in adding a second major are encouraged to consider doing so early in their academic careers.

Many Bailey College majors are impacted, and therefore it may not be possible to accept double majors in all programs or in every quarter.

Students requesting to add a second major in programs offered by Bailey College must review and complete the steps below. Not all majors are approved for a double major. The information presented here is meant to provide a starting point for students.

Step #1: Review the majors that will not be approved

  • Adding a second major of Kinesiology (KINE) or Public Health (HLTH) will not be approved.
  • Additional majors not approved for double majors are listed in the table below.
Bailey College Double majors not approved (Effective march 3,2020)

Biology (BIO)

AND Microbiology (MCRO)
Biology (BIO) AND Marine Biology (MSCI)

Physics (PHYS) BS

AND Physics (PHYS) BA


Step #2: Consult with a Department Representative for Proposed Second Major

  • Consult the Cal Poly Catalog and review the curriculum for the proposed second major.
  • Develop an academic plan (use an excel spreadsheet) showing completion of both majors concurrently and in a timely manner.
  • Write a 1 to 2-page narrative addressing reasons why a second major is appropriate for academic or career goals.
  • Consult with the department chair or designee for the target major.
proposed second major department chair or designee-name department chair or designee-email
Biology, Microbiology, or Marine Science

Jason Blank (BIO, MCRO)

Nikki Adams (MSCI) (BIO, MCRO) (MSCI)

Chemistry or Biochemistry John Hagen

Liberal Studies 

Seth Bush
Mathematics Anthony “Tony” Mendes
Physics Jennifer Klay
Statistics Andrew Schaffner

If adding a second major will be approved, the department chair or designee will work with Bailey College Student Services to initiate the “Add Major Form” through the Adobe Sign Process.


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