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Meet Your Advisors

Kristi Weddige

Director of Advising and Academic and Pre-Health Professions Advisor 

StrengthQuest Themes

Achiever, Empathy, Focus, Harmony, and Developer

Head shot of advisor Kristi Weddige in front of plants

Advising Philosophy

My goal as an academic advisor is to approach our time together from a holistic and solution-focused framework. I will  intentionally ask you questions that I hope will appropriately challenge, support and empower you as a student to grow as an individual and to set goals to achieve what you desire from your educational path. I strive to actively listen to you and your questions and concerns, and to provide you with timely and relevant information that will help you to identify relevant and appropriate opportunities, resources, options and services needed to maximize your educational experience.

In my role as an academic coach, my goal is to help you to take stock of your strengths, to discover hidden talents and resources, and to learn how to capitalize on your strengths most effectively in the academic setting. We will discuss specific learning strategies that you can employ to help you perform better academically. I am here, as needed to hold you accountable and to support you as you put into action new techniques to improve your academics and become a successful college student. 
I strongly believe that you have the ability to be a capable, competent and resilient individual who possess the skills to be successful in earning your college degree, and I look forward to partnering with you over the next four years in your personal, educational journey!


Meghan Farrier-Nolan

​Academic and Pre-Health Professions Advisor

StrengthsQuest Themes

Learner, Individualization, Consistency, Harmony, Relator

Advising Philosophy

Meghan’s Advising Philosophy: “Be a lamp, a lifeboat, or a ladder.” -Rumi

My primary goal in advising students is to develop an authentic relationship, where they feel supported in their educational, professional, and personal pursuits. Therefore, I will always be my sincere, honest and genuine self with you as my student. I will never sugarcoat reality, but I will remain supportive. I will not only support you, but also serve as an advocate if barriers arise. When there is a system in place that works against you or a group of students, I will not only assist you in overcoming the barrier, but also advocate to remove it.

I will always work with each of you as an individual supporting your goals and recognizing your unique interests and traits. As your advisor I will show an interest in you not only by actively listening and supporting you individually, but also by being an active member of the campus community by being involved various extracurricular activities such as sporting events, cultural pursuits and club activities.

As an advisor, I will strive to be the most knowledgeable resource I can. Even when I do not have all the answers, I will challenge you to seek the answers yourself and help guide your way. I believe in assisting you in your personal development and reaching your goals in order to empower each of you to become more independent, self-reliant and successful.


Anya Bergman

Academic and Pre-Health Professions Advisor 

StrengthsQuest Themes

Developer, Empathy, Harmony, Restorative, and Connectedness

Advising Philosophy

I view my academic advisor role as that of an educator, a coach, a mentor and as a supporter. The framework of my partnership with students is built upon respect, honesty, genuine friendliness, being nonjudgmental and informed about the students, the college and the university that I serve. My approach is holistically supportive with unconditional positive regard and is action-oriented. I work to support the entire student, not just what I can see or hear them saying. I anticipate the needs and assistance that a student might not know to ask for or is hesitant to mention. I also employ a challenge and support style - challenging students to take control of and be accountable for their educational, personal and career decisions and supporting them along the way, through information, providing appropriate tools, check-ins and praise.

I treat each student as a unique individual with a unique set of circumstances and needs. Taking the time to connect with each student helps me better understand them as a person and their academic and professional goals – which in turn, gives me information to better support them. I see the potential and progress in each of my students. Through challenging them to evaluate whether their current actions are in sync with their aspirations, we work to set goals to help them experience personal, educational and/or professional success. Each time we meet, I look for and acknowledge growth that has taken place and goals that have been met. Then encouraging the student to look for new goals to be set. I believe this method encourages students to be empowered by their mini-successes en route to achieving their bigger life goals, while regularly reevaluating where they want to “go” and what they can do to “get there”.


Laura Wilson

Academic and Pre-Health Professions Advisor 

StrengthsQuest Themes

Relator, Strategic, Futuristic, Achiever, Maximizer

Advising Philosophy

My goal as an advisor is to create a relationship with a foundation built on trust and safety, one where students feel comfortable being open, honest, and accountable. I believe in a holistic approach that honors and respects all areas of a person’s life. We are individuals with unique views, perspectives, and beliefs. I will challenge you to understand yourself completely, to set attainable educational, personal, and career goals, and encourage you to celebrate your accomplishments.

My approach is positive and solution focused. It is important to assess and evaluate areas of the past that have been difficult, but it is also important to bring the information we have gained through our experiences and apply our knowledge to future situations. When we engage in a process together, I will openly bring awareness to areas that need attention, and areas of existing strength. I ask questions such as, “What do you think was different about this situation,” to find opportunities. When looking toward the future with understanding, hope, inspiration, and vision, anything is possible.  

As a resource, I keep myself informed of campus policies and procedures. I am honest, and will provide and seek accurate answers, and I will encourage you to do the same. I will make the best recommendations I can with your goals in mind. I am your student advocate. When trusted with information regarding an area that needs attention or improvement, I will work to escalate your concerns and advocate for change.

I believe in being mindful of how our actions, words, and behaviors impact others. I use my ability to be objective to help others see situations more clearly. I will help you be responsible for your actions, your future, and for meeting your goals. I strive to be at my best, and to help others reach their best, knowing that the definition of our best will grow as we grow together. I will celebrate your achievements with you along the way. I am inspired and hope to be inspiring.


Tiffany Kwapnoski

Graduate Student Advising Intern

StrengthsQuest Themes

Empathy, Learner, Adaptability, Relator, Positivity

Advising Philosophy

Because I am brand new at this, I am still developing my personal philosophy on Academic Advising. Please check back soon!

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