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Study Abroad Opportunity Information

Cal Poly International Exchange Programs offer students opportunities to study their academic disciplines at partner universities for up to one year. 


Step 1: Attend  Study Abroad 101 Workshop

Your first step towards studying abroad is attending a mandatory Study Abroad Workshop.  Sign up for a Study Abroad 101 Workshop now!

Step 2: Plan Ahead 

Applications are due approximately half a year before the student leaves for their exchange program.

Best time to go: 3rd year (all year or Spring) – apply in 2nd year
Learn German: GER 101/102/103 recommended

Application Timeline
Spring abroad should apply by approx Oct 10. 
Fall abroad should apply by approx March 1. 

Step 3: Contact Us

Any questions on any program: Kellie Green Hall,

Any questions about life and college in Germany (either program): Kat Gillen,

For questions about German classes (either program): Christian Anderson,

To get courses approved (either program): Department chair of student's major

Questions about physics courses: Kat Gillen,
Questions about astronomy courses: Vardha Bennert,
Questions about chemistry courses: Seth Bush,


Questions about physics courses: Kat Gillen,
Questions about math courses: Caixing Gu


Munich University of Applied Sciences

photo coutesy of Nagy / Presseamt MünchenThe Munich University of Applied Sciences offer program-based learning opportunities for global learners in one of Germany's most beautiful, historic and high-tech cities.  MUAS has strong relationships with industry partners, some of their classes are taught in English.

University of Bonn

The University of Bonn is one of the eminent research universities in Germany and has an excellent international reputation. As of January 2019, the University of Bonn has the most Clusters of Excellence, research centers funded by the German Research Foundation, of any German university.


Ashesi University

Ashesi University is considered the most prestigious institution in Ghana. It was founded by Patrick Awuah, a former Microsoft employee. Ashesi's roots developed as a project started by Awuah at the Berkeley Haas school of Business. The mission of Ashesi University is to educate ethical, entrepreneurial leaders in Africa; to cultivate within students, the critical thinking skills, the concern for others, and the courage it will take to transform the continent.

Lucerne University of Applied Sciences

The Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts distinguishes itself through its applied research. Its researchers maintain close ties with partners in business and industry, including manufacturing and commercial enterprises and social organizations. The Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts is the largest university level institution in Central Switzerland.


Bailey College Majors: Petition Process for Study Abroad Major and Support Courses***
  1. Decide on your study abroad program and term. Start by attending a study abroad 101 workshop!
  2. Research coursework offered through the program's website. Determine if the courses offered are for lower or upper division credit.
  3. Consult with your faculty advisor/mentor for verbal pre-approval of coursework.
  4. Meet with a Bailey College academic advisor to complete the study abroad major/support petition form. Book an appointment here.
  5. The form will be completed during an advising meeting and routed for signatures in this order: 1) academic advisor, 2) department chair, and 3) associate dean. A copy of the completed form will be sent to you and the Office of the Registrar/Evaluations for processing.
  6. Once everyone has signed the petition, you are safe to enroll in the approved study abroad coursework. The coursework will not be applied/seen on your DPR until Cal Poly receives the official transcript (which may take several months after returning from the term in which you study abroad).
  7. After your study abroad term, and once the transcript arrives to Cal Poly, the Evaluations office will update your student record (i.e. DPR) according to their timeline found here.
***This process is ONLY for study abroad major and support courses. If you need to petition for GE coursework, please read and follow these instructions.


Courses Pre-Approved for Transfer Back to Cal Poly

Here is a list of mathematics department courses and a list of physics department courses pre-approved for transfer back to Cal Poly. Other course substitutions may be possible upon consultation with the department chair.

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