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Astronomy Minor - 29 units required

The purpose of the minor is to provide students an opportunity to learn about and analyze astronomical phenomena and processes. A minor in astronomy provides a background for graduate-level studies in astronomy or work in related fields. Interested students should see an Astronomy Minor advisor.

For more information, please contact
Dr. John Keller in building 25, room 221; 805-756-2095
Dr. David Mitchell building 25, room 228; 756-5290.
Required Courses Units
PHYS 132 General Physics II 4
PHYS 133 General Physics III 4
PHYS 211 Modern Physics I 4
ASTR 301 The Solar System 3
ASTR 302 Stars and Galaxies 3
ASTR 326 Cosmology 3
ASTR 444 Observational Astronomy 4
Select from the following: 3-4 
ASTR 470
Selected Advanced Topics  
ASTR 471
Selected Advanced Laboratory  
AERO 351
Introduction to Orbital Mechanics  
PHYS 302
Classical Mechanics I  
PHYS 303
Classical Mechanics II  
PHYS 313
Introduction to Atmospheric Physics  
PHYS 317
Special Theory Relativity  
PHYS 323
PHYS 410
Physics of Solid Earth  
GEOL 415
Structural Geology  
Total units 28-29


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