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Statistics Minor - 24 to 25 units required

The Statistics minor program allows students from across the University to acquire substantial statistical skills that can be applied in their own disciplines.

Dr. Karen McGaughey and Dr. Heather Smith are the advisors for all Statistics minors. See contact information below. If you are thinking about applying for the Statistics minor program, make an appointment to see Dr. McGaughey if your last name begins with A-M and Dr. Smith if your last name begins with N-Z. 

Please note that you must successfully complete one of the following courses before applying to the Statistics minor: STAT 252, STAT 313, STAT 302, or IME 326.

You can pick up the information sheet and the Minor Application in the Statistics Department foyer.  Ask the Administrative Coordinator for assistance if needed.  Once your minor advisor signs your application, please bring it to the Department office for processing.  Once your application has been signed by the department chair, you will be added to the Statistics Department Minor email distribution list.

Statistics Minor Coordinators

Dr. Karen McGaughey  Building 25, Room 102;  805-756-6578;
Dr. Heather Smith        Building 25, Room 112, 805-756- 6128

Select one of the following introductory sequences: 8-9
STAT 217
& STAT 313
Introduction to Statistical Concepts and Methods
and Applied Experimental Design and Regression Models
STAT 218
& STAT 313
Applied Statistics for the Life Sciences
and Applied Experimental Design and Regression Models
STAT 251
& STAT 252
Statistical Inference for Management I
and Statistical Inference for Management II
STAT 301
& STAT 302
Statistics I
and Statistics II
STAT 312
& STAT 313
Statistical Methods for Engineers
and Applied Experimental Design and Regression Models
Select from the following: 16
STAT 305
Introduction to Probability & Simulation  
STAT 323
Design and Analysis of Experiments  

STAT 324

Applied Regression Analysis  
STAT 330
Statistical Computing with SAS  
STAT 331
Statistical Computing with R  
STAT 405 Applied Probability Models  
STAT 416
Statistical Analysis of Time Series  
STAT 417
Survival Analysis Methods  
STAT 418
Analysis of Cross-Classified Data  
STAT 419
Applied Multivariate Statistics  
STAT 421
Survey Sampling and Methodology  
STAT 423
Design and Analysis of Experiments II  
STAT 425
Probability Theory 1  
STAT 426
Estimation and Sampling Theory  
STAT 427
Mathematical Statistics  
Total units 24-25

Students may only count STAT 305 or STAT 425, not both, for credit in
the minor.

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