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Environmental Studies Minor

Students who complete a minor in Environmental Studies will be able to:

  • Analyze, explain, and evaluate environmental issues from both scientific/technical and social/political/economic perspectives.
  • Integrate and synthesize knowledge from multiple disciplines.
  • Explain and apply the methodologies and approaches that different disciplines bring to bear on complex problems.
  • Work productively and effectively with students from other disciplines and with other points of view.
  • Confront and grapple with real issues of contemporary significance.
  • Gain employment or pursue further study that emphasizes interdisciplinary knowledge and skills.

Subject Area Electives

Subject Area Electives must be approved in advance by the coordinator for the minor. Refer to the minor application for a list of courses.

Environmental Studies Coordinators

There is one coordinator for each college:
College Coordinator Email phone Office
CAFES Bwalya Malama 805-756-2971 180-516
CAED Margot McDonald 805-756-1316


OCOB Aric Shafran 805-756-2955 03-342
CENG David Braun 805-756-1464 20-304
CLA Jim Keese


COSAM Charles Knight 805-756-2989 33-364

Environmental Studies Minor Coursework

Please refer to the catalog for the most up-to-date minor requirements.

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