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Physics Minor - 24 units required

The Minor in Physics provides the student with the opportunity to build on the introductory physics core courses with a coordinated set of electives which are based on interests and career objectives selected in consultation with a physics advisor.

Physics Minor Coordinator:

Please speak to a staff member at the front desk of the Physics Department for questions regarding the minor.

Required Courses Units
PHYS 133 General Physics III 4
PHYS 211 Modern Physics I 4
Physics/Astronomy Electives 1 16
Any upper division PHYS course (300-400 level) or...
PHYS 202
Physics on the Computer  
     or PHYS 212
Modern Physics II
Must include at least one of the following courses:
PHYS 301
Thermal Physics I  
PHYS 302
Classical Mechanics I  
PHYS 322
Vibrations and Waves  
PHYS 323
PHYS 405
Quantum Mechanics I  
PHYS 408
Electromagnetic Fields and Waves I  
PHYS 412
Solid State Physics  
Students may also select a maximum of 4 units from:
ASTR 301
The Solar System  
ASTR 302
Stars and Galaxies  
ASTR 326
ASTR 444
Observational Astronomy  
Total units 24

A minimum of 12 units must be upper division.


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