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Microbiology Minor

This minor is designed to give students from majors in which microbiology may be an important component increased exposure to factual information, concepts, and skills in order to provide those students a more complete understanding of the roles of microorganisms as they pertain to studies in their chosen major.

The minor gives students in the allied health and related fields the opportunity to expand their breadth of knowledge in microbial diseases, transmission and prevention, and immunologic responses. Students in applied fields of agriculture study such as Food and Dairy Sciences can gain additional training in pertinent topics such as microbial involvement in water and wastewater treatment; the role of microorganisms in the recycling of nutrients and soil fertility; microbial roles in food processing, spoilage, production; and disease transmission.


As of the 17-19 catalog, the minor is open to any major except Biochemistry, Microbiology, and Biological Sciences (all concentrations).

Minor Coordinator

Candace Winstead Biological Sciences 805-756-2899 33-263

Required Coursework

Please refer to the catalog for the most up-to-date minor requirements.

Microbiology Minor Worksheets and Declaration Form

Microbiology Minor Worksheets - provided for information only and to use as a worksheet.


Once you have identified the courses you would like to take and made sure you plan to take all the appropriate pre-requisites, then you should fill out the appropriate minor declaration form:


If you have any questions about this process, please contact the Biology Front Office at

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