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Biotechnology Minor

This minor consists of a core of required courses and approved elective courses.


As of the 17-19 catalog, the minor is open to any major except Biochemistry, Microbiology, and Biological Sciences majors following the General Curriculum or a concentration in Anatomy and Physiology, or Molecular and Cellular Biology.

Minor Coordinator

For more information, please contact the minor coordinator.
Name Department Email Phone Office
Dr. Michael Black Biological Sciences 805-756-2894 33-380

Biotechnology Minor Coursework

NOTE: Biological Science majors following the 15-17 catalog who wish to pursue this minor should take CHEM 216, 217, and 371 to fulfill the organic chemistry and biochemistry requirements in their major.

Please refer to the catalog for the most up-to-date minor requirements.

Biotechnology Minor Information Request

To begin the process of declaring a Biotechnology minor, please fill out the Biotechnology minor information request form on the Biological Sciences Department website.

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