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Biology Minor - 28 -30 units required

The purpose of the minor is to help students from other disciplines acquire increased factual and conceptual knowledge in biology, an increased understanding of scientific methods and techniques used to study biology, and an increased ability to analyze biological topics in the news or in various jobs. Biological issues are important throughout modern life and particularly relevant in many careers, including those in health-related, business, agriculture, several engineering disciplines, city planning, teaching K-12 students, journalism, political science, psychology, and statistics. Students in more closely related majors such as biochemistry or kinesiology may also be interested in strengthening their biology background. In addition, an enhanced biology background will help students become better educated citizens regarding a variety of controversial issues (e.g., genetically-modified organisms in agriculture, human cloning, genetic discrimination, the pressures of population growth). Students may choose courses in environmental biology or in human biology and biotechnology, or may choose to take courses in several areas.

Biology Minor Coordinators:

For more information, please contact any of the following faculty members:

Dr. Elena Keeling             Building 33, Room 271;   805-756-2175
Dr. Francis Villablanca     Building 33, Room 268;    805-756-2200
Dr Christy Strand             Building 33, Room 266;    805-756-2207

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