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Biology Minor

Cal Poly students from other majors can minor in biology through the department.  A minor in biology offers increased factual and conceptual knowledge in biology, an increased understanding of scientific methods and techniques used to study biology, and an increased ability to analyze biological topics in the news or on the job.

Biological issues are relevant in many careers, including those in health-related businesses, agriculture, engineering, city planning, teaching K-12 students, journalism, political science, psychology, and statistics. In addition, an enhanced biology background will help students become better-educated citizens able to evaluate a variety of controversial issues, including genetically-modified organisms in agriculture, human cloning, genetic discrimination, the pressures of population growth.

Students in more closely related majors, such as biochemistry or kinesiology, can strengthen their biology background through the minor. Students may choose courses in environmental biology or in human biology and biotechnology, or may choose to take courses in several areas

All students in the minor will take three introductory biology courses (see the Biology Minor form for details) and then select an additional 15-16 units of 300 or 400-level courses according to their interests and goals (for a total of at least 28 units). Students may choose to emphasize courses in environmental biology or in human biology and biotechnology, or may choose to take courses in both areas.

Frequently Asked Questions for Biology Minor requirement


As of the 17-19 catalog, the Biology minor is open to any major except Marine Science and Microbiology.

Minor Coordinators

Name Department Email Phone Office
Nathaniel W. Martinez (for Fall only) - Students with last name A-G Biological Sciences 805-756-2185 33-379
Francis Villablanca - Students with last name H-N Biological Sciences 805-756-2200 33-268
Crow White - Students with last name O-Z Biological Sciences 805-756-2954 33-378

Required Coursework

Please refer to the catalog for the most up-to-date minor requirements.

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