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Mathematics Minor - 30 units required

The Mathematics Minor is a program of study consisting of a core of required courses totaling 8 units, 16 units of advanced work in mathematics, and additional coursework in mathematics, all totaling 30 units. At least 15 of these units must be at 300 level or above. The units of advanced work consist of two tracks (each track consisting of at least two courses) chosen from a list shown in the catalog. These units are to be selected in accordance with a student's career objectives and interests.

For students in engineering or physics, the Mathematics Minor provides an excellent preparation for graduate study and generally requires only 4 to 6 courses beyond those required for their major. The Mathematics Minor is also appropriate for individuals wishing to obtain a teaching credential in mathematics, and provides some of the coursework for the subject waiver in mathematics.

Mathematics Minor Coordinator:

Dr. Ben Richert  Building 25, Room 325   805-756-1681,

Required Courses  
MATH 206 Linear Algebra I 4
      or MATH 244 Linear Analysis I
MATH 248 Methods of Proof in Mathematics 4
Complete two tracks  
A track consists of two courses from one of the groups A-L. Completion of four courses in either group A, H, or L is considered two tracks. Some tracks have additional mathematics prerequisites. 16
Group A
MATH 304
Vector Analysis  
MATH 344
Linear Analysis II  
MATH 350
Mathematical Software  
MATH 416
Differential Equations II  
MATH 418
Partial Differential Equations  
Group B
MATH 304
Vector Analysis  
MATH 404
Introduction to Differential Geometry  
Group C
MATH 306
Linear Algebra II  
MATH 406
Linear Algebra III  
Group D
MATH 335
Graph Theory  
MATH 336
Combinatorial Math  
MATH 437
Game Theory  
Group E
MATH 408
Complex Analysis I  
MATH 409
Complex Analysis II  
Group F
MATH 412
Introduction to Analysis I  
MATH 413
Introduction to Analysis II  
Group G
MATH 435
Discrete Mathematics with Applications I  
MATH 436
Discrete Math with Applications II  
Group H
MATH 306
Linear Algebra II  
MATH 437
Game Theory  
MATH 451
Numerical Analysis I  
MATH 453
Numerical Optimization  
Group I
MATH 440
Topology I  
MATH 441
Topology II  
Group J
MATH 442
Euclidean Geometry  
MATH 443
Modern Geometries  
Group K
MATH 451
Numerical Analysis I  
MATH 452
Numerical Analysis II  
Group L
MATH 341
Theory of Numbers  
MATH 419
Introduction to the History of Mathematics  
MATH 481
Abstract Algebra I  
MATH 482
Abstract Algebra II  
Mathematics Electives  
Electives 6
MATH 142
& MATH 143
Calculus II
and Calculus III
Or other course(s) as approved by advisor
Total units 30


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